You want to know about Michael Harrison?

Okay there isn’t much about me, I’m single but I been trying online dating and yes I had been in love before or like I was in love before during my childhood, so yes I’d learn about love to young and learn to deal with it through anger, that isn’t good to do, but hey live and learn, right? Also when I was young, I had to learn to deal with my anger, because I use to hold stuff in a tell I got home, I guess…, because I don’t remember that stuff from my childhood.

But when I got older like in my 20’s, I’d learn to vent through writing, that seem to help a lot with un-shove issues that I had in my past, that needed to be deal with and answer with myself, that we all struggle with. We all deal with our life problems in different ways, but I always like people art with painting, photography, an acting part that an actor can relate to sometimes, I will like to say writing but I don’t like reading much a less is something I’m into “sorry book Arthur’s,” and comedies are really good to, that people put there live issues into.

Art can be an amazing thing, that people put their souls into. Art can be many things we create.

Also we can experience things with family, close friends, pets we have, and places we live, can put great impacts on our lives, that we all struggle with. All these things can be good or bad, all depends on the person, and how that person choose to live with these things. All these impacts in our lives, can be good or bad, and how we impact these impacts on other people.

We all deal with life our own way, and deal with living with life in our own way.

My childhood was screw up, but my life now is okay with some struggles with money issues, paying rent, working a part-time job in Dining Services as a Dish Washer. I also wonder why I’m not crazy with things I deal with in my childhood, but I just strong-minded I guess and smarter than I think I am.



Anything on my mind that I want to share with you.

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