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Cowboy Bebop talk and on an American live acton TV show on Cowboy Bebop

Okay I have the remix of Cowboy Bebop DVD’s, but I just during episodes 1,3, and 5 because I going to talk about the American live action TV show, that sure post to be in the making or going to be in the making, and it might be kind of good, and if they stick to the main story to Spik Spiegel, Jet Black, Faye Valentine, and Ed and of the other characters like Julia and Vicious that fits in the main story line of Cowboy Bebop. Okay I like the first DVD volume of Cowboy Bebop of the first 5 episodes, that gets the main story started.

Okay the first episode is kind of neat how they started it off with.

The 3rd episode they just show Faye Valentine as a poker card dealer who needs to get a poker chip with a micro chip inside of it, because they get more into her story later on, like the middle of Cowboy Bebop. Okay the 5th episode that’s starts off with Spike Spiegel story and of his girl with Vicious.

Okay this where I going to end this blog at.