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Okay thinking on writing something for TC Streetvoices magazine that my roommate is part of and she say’s it pays $10 for an article.

Okay TC Streetvoices  like to hear about people stories and I have a lot of stories from my life that time and nice people heal for me, but I to like to help people now, from when I was younger from being cold-hearted and looking out for number 1, me. I also know someone else who part of it, with. her 2 sons of being my friends, when I was living in Empire.

I had a lot of drama when I was in school and out of school with personal problems and still have a lot of love to give to people and I to make stupid mistakes once in while and things I don’t mean to do, but I am human after all.PDVD_035So what can I use from my life experiences,┬áthat can help people out, even these young teen people who dealing with school problems of their own, that they can get from my past experiences in my life.


Theirs a lot that’s in out lives that we can use to help other people with in their lives that we can feel good about to help them grow and ourselves to grow to become stronger. I do have a lot to share for people and what I learn through my experiences in my life, so I might think of something I can write an article for TC Street Voices, to get pay $10 for and if people can get something out of it, and that will be worth more than the $10 for it, even know they do editing, for how they think it will work in their magazine.