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Why a Love Affair, when you make the first move.

“What’s the point of confessing your love for someone, when they don’t return their confess feelings back for you,
But like they didn’t really had any real feeling for you, when you made love to the person, even if it was an love affair,
They don’t share the same feelings for you, but have an other that they elope with, instead of you, even know that’s wrong too.
It makes you feel like a left over dinner, that get’s thrown out to the dogs, or worst to be kill’ed, but you just to smart and to much well power to live on with”,
‘Love sucks, no matter what you do with your love for someone, right or wrong.’

~Michael Harrison~


Okay not to anyone personally but as lovers we get love-sick at times.

Okay with me, as being a lover I do get love-sick at times and think about past girls/women that I been feeling like I was in love with or I was at the times but it could have been mostly one-sided. I never had sick relationships feelings for people or within the family crap. I’m not saying this personally to people out there but there are people with sick family members/people who has this sexual stuff happen to them or it can be a sick mistake of being young that can mentally screw them up or they can be okay and just be angry for years and stay away from the sick person/family member or was a sick family member/person, but it will never be normal or okay, no matter how much time has pass, even if they did let it go, or have forgiven the person/sick person that done wrong to them.

Okay there are love triangles¬†Love-Triangle-crp¬†okay just not on girls but guys to, but I’m a guy, so this why I’m using this picture and more on women, since I’m a guy but I’m not putting this all on women either. I also don’t have hurt or painful feelings on anyone right now, but I’m feeling love-sick for being lonely, but I had, had hurt and painful feelings on girls before but not any more and now I’m more understanding with wisdom beyond my years but not smarts on this love crap yet, but I want love and to have someone to be with, even with all the love triangles crap also. I also had sex before mostly being real drunk on most of the situations, but only one I do have good memory on but all the other ones my mind was clouded on but the last woman I had sex with, my mind wasn’t clouded but my judgement was and I’m not saying when and who.


Okay who try, been scam, pay for, and tire of dating sites because they seem to be more for people who want friends without relationships, they find you offensive, they just want sex/you just want sex, they get to weird and to close or corner you/ bi-visa, or their not many people near your small/small population location on the dating sites. This how it seems to be with me on dating sites.

Okay this all I have to say on being love-sick.