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My Favorite Movie Hackers from when I stand up for myself with a gangster wannabe.

Okay I like this movie a lot even know I don’t like drama movies, but this one was really good when I seen it on VHS in 96 I think. I seen this movie sometime after when I stand up for myself with a gangster town wannabe. I was surprise that the other gang members didn’t gang up on me after hitting one of their gang members when I was walking away after I hit him. I’m actuarially friends with the person who use to be the head gang member in that small town gang, funny how life works that way. I also think the gang members didn’t like the guy I hit that much maybe, but who knows?PDVD_025

Anyways I also like the love drama in this movie with Kate and David and Kate reminds me of an old crush I had.

But besides that the drama of it is really good in the movie of the hackers who being set up by someone.