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Okay last blog of Death Note and their are spoilers for ones who haven’t seen it yet.

Okay first I want to talk about Matt a little bet, because they don’t show him all that much just a few scenes, but I gotten few photos that I like of him.

They also show him few scenes before these photos but I like these scenes better because it makes him looks like a badass. Okay there is also an X-Kira that’s been transfer the note book.PDVD_128He uses the note-book as he think the real Kira will use it.

Okay but I did get to the end of Death Note and they found out that Light is Kira by Near.

Okay Light is going mad, that Near got him with fake pages in the real Death Note, when he was about to beat Near with X-Kira. Okay photos of that to end my blog with.



More Death Note talk

Okay I like how they show president George Bush in this, even know they don’t say his name and don’t really make him look like George Bush, but we all know is sure post to be him. Okay besides that, L is dead before this, PDVD_155and I think all main or side main characters is sad when they die. Also Near and Mello is in the picture now

Okay Mello and Near don’t work good together but they having it out who get’s the real First Kira first after L death. Okay we can not denied Light and L had some type of friend connection even know Kira was using the friendship with L to gain his trust and same with L with Light to get the information of him being Kira.

Okay L and Light had a good battle with each other and now that Near is next in line of being like L and Light is L number 2, that Near knows is the fake L. So now Near feels like L to Light because of him being kind of like him, but better than L is, or seems like he his.

Okay now about Mello and of Light farther having the Shinigami deal with the Shinigami eyes and he can see Mello real name that he writes Mello first name down, but not his last name down. That ends up having Light farther dies.

But his farther think he isn’t Kira so it makes him happy to think his son isn’t Kira. So now about Mello and how he’s after Kira and he told Near some rules in the note-book are fake, and about the Shinigamis, God of Deaths are real.PDVD_167

Okay also with Near being right on top of Kira gets him mad, that Near got him.

Okay the last picture isn’t about Near but after L dies. Also Light does a thing with the 2 Death Notes earlier in season 1.

Okay to end this blog with some Kira going mad of power, pictures.

Death Note Kira is insane sometimes of power but Light Yagami is the true good personality, he goes do when he needs to be calm.

Okay more on L, L is getting closer of getting on Light of being Kira and Kira getting frustrated on L getting in his way, without him of during anything about it because everyone will know he’s Kira.

Okay this is a tennis match that L wants to find out if Light shows any information of him being Kira of not liking to lose at all. But before this L conforms he is Eru Roratio “Okay the first ‘O’ sure post to have a line over it” that he is L to Light during their High School graduation.

That makes Kira furies that it drives him mad that he can’t do anything about L.

Okay do the next subject that there is an other Kira and an other Shinigami name Rem and the other Kira is Misa Amane and Rem tells Misa how to kill a Shinigami by having the Shinigami fall in love with a person and the Shinigami to kill an other person to protect the person of the time of their death is sure post to die in.

Okay this Shinigami is Gelus that falls in love with Misa, and Rem looks like this

and Misa looks like this

so when L finds out there is a 2nd Kira and about Shinigamis he freaks out.

So yeah Death Note can get really interesting, but more interesting between L and Kira.

Also the 1st Kira and the 2nd Kira is wondering about each other and the 2nd Kira want’s to meet with the first Kira, also theirs 2 Death Notes now.PDVD_092Okay that’s it for now.

Death Note just random talk because it has been out for awhile and I seen it a few times myself and the live action movies also.

Okay I own the anime, The BB murder cases book, and the Japanese Live Action Movies so I think of having the DVD’s I own the copy right to use the photos that I want in my blog, if I not selling them to make any money off Death Note, if I don’t claim the copy right as my own.

Okay I’m a big fan of Death Note but I seen the Japanese live action movies first before I seen the anime, so the movies are some what different from the anime, like the thing with L PDVD_056that I won’t get into or spoil any thing for people, who haven’t seen Death Note yet. I also like how Kira and L is head to head but one is always a step or 2 head of the other, so it makes it very interesting on what’s going to happen or who’s going to crack first. L and Kira are some of my favorite characters from Death Note, and L on his personality of being good, when his personality looks more of a psycho straight like my. PDVD_053Okay I will get more into L, when I write more blogs and of Near, but that’s not where I’m now from watching it again from within awhile.

Okay Light Yagami a.k.a Kira who is the bad guy but he thinks he during good-by writing all the criminals names down in the Death Note that is bad and he also goes insane of power once in awhile of the Death Note.

Okay the God of Death, that is Shinigami that is name is Ryuk is the one who drops the Death Note into the Earth Realm and that is pick up by Light Yagami who thinks is a joke as first by reading the rules of the Death Note, then he tries it out and find out it’s real and decides to become a God of Justice by using it.

He’s does have to use it on some people who get’s in his way, so he does kills some people who isn’t bad, but just gets in his way of ruling the world with the Death Note that he becomes insane with power with.PDVD_048 I just wanted to use the next photo below to end my blog with.