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Okay I been during with little of anxiety sometimes.

I been during with little anxiety a little bet when I’m not working, when waking up in the morning, and worrying about things a little around me. I been going to work about 20 minutes earlier because I ride my bike but I been going to bed earlier because of taken Abilify at night like at 8:30pm, so I been going to bed at 10:30pm or around 11:30pm from getting tire. Facebook don’t help much because I know I don’t get comments on my posts that I make, so I know being on social medias might not be all that good, maybe but their isn’t much I like to do.

I don’t have money to spend to get out more and I need to save on what I don’t need to spend and not much on what I want but more what’s important and what I need. I really haven’t been having stress really but my house hold that I rent a room in is a bet of stress going on with things and with people I think. You know the usual stuff like who been going through my stuff, people getting into people business, people worry about other people instead of themselves, and other small problems and maybe big problems with personal things that people should stay out of or less having a talk with that person instead. 52a1206b38a21.image Okay I might be during with a little stress with the time I get when I don’t see my grandma but when I can visit my grandma because I need to have a ride to visit her. It helps to talk to her a bet and see how she during in a nursing home.

I been busy in the summer but since school stared from being a dish washer my hours going to be cut back some for being a regular part timer at my job. I do help people who need help with side jobs a little. If I’m during something that helps my mind to stay off things and not worrying about other people around me that much, that also helps with my anxiety.