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Today is Valentine’s Day

Okay Valentine’s Day, I use to didn’t really care much for because my first girlfriend that I had at age 5, stop being a friend of my, of me writing “Fat Bitch” on a Valentine’s Day card, that was for Emily Rea Lively, a Folk Singer in Taxes, if anyone knows of her?, When I was 8. I did say sorry to her years later and say I was an angry kid back then, with issues that I took out on other people, at that time of my life.

I do like Valentine’s Day now, and I do give my grandmother a Valentine’s Day gift and always done that. She help took care of me and ┬ámy sister, since the state didn’t see my dad as a good farther with is habits, but he never beat us.

But anyways, Valentine’s Day is a good day to show your love ones that you care for them, by showing them though a card, a rose, and maybe chocolates, that you want to give them as a gift or make a special dinner for them.