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The World Only God Knows: Goddesses

Okay I haven’t seen these episodes of The World Only God Knows: Goddesses yet, so it’s going to be good watching and writing blogs on this one, I think? So right at the beginning of couple episodes in, theirs are Goddesses in the girls that Kerami Katsuragi set loose souls free, but because of the Goddesses within the girls, the memories that was lost comes back. So you know what that means, lot of Love Triangles or just one Big Love Triangle, but either way, one hell of a big miss for someone who fake being in love with girls to set loose souls free. LOL

So the way he’s knows which girls has the Goddesses in, are the ones who find out about Kanon love confession to him, so basically he let rumors go on about it, so the girls that get mad at him, are the ones’ with memories with being in love with him.