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Empire Michigan is a great place to be, if you live there, or did, or travel to Empire?

Okay I use to live out in Empire 4 years ago and use to work at Joe’s Friendly Travern as a Dishwasher\Kitchen Prep about 13 years, mostly in the summer, when it’s the busiest. Sadly I never met Joe because he died year’s ago, but theirs people who ask about Joe, but his picture is hanging behind the bar above the broken mirror that no one knows how it got broken, besides me a little from my grandma.

The mirror got broken from a guy who was trying to rob it, I think, before it became Joe’s Friendly Travern, when my grandma was about 13, I think, help cleaning and their was a conflict between the owner and the robber, and something hit the mirror, it could have been a bottle from the robber, or a bully club stick from the owner, that hit the mirror on the bottom left corner. The mirror is custom-made, so they never fix it, but at the time the owner maybe didn’t have the money to fix it, I always thought, so after that they never did anything with the mirror and kept it as is.

The owner now, also own The Village Inn with Gemma’s on the other side of it, so make sure to stop at those places, if you are travelling there or just passing by, but Gemma’s only open during the summer mostly, but it does open during May.

Also Lake Michigan is a most hangout spot at the beach with South Bar Lake, and ‘North Bar Lake’ that is a part of the National Park that is a most part of your travels, because there are The Sand Dunes and other places of the National Park that I can’t think of the name’s of, but theirs Google, if you want to search about Empire Michigan and the National Park of Michigan.