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The word ladyboy,? Is it really that bad?

Okay we all know their trandgers and ones’ looks like males and ones’ look like females that people been calling ladyboys. Lot of people think of the word “ladyboy” as a porn word, but does the word “ladyboy” really have to be a porn word?

Their might be people, who think it’s rages, who knows?

I’m straight and I think ladyboys are attractive even with the male counter part, but I also screw up a bet from my childhood, but who cares on that?

Anyways trandgers, ladyboys, and shemales, also if they have a sex change, or take homos, are humans are they or not?

Who cares, what is right in God eyes, because their is 2% of people who are born trandger, so that makes them God’s creation doesn’t it?

Also we learning that is not a choice to be straight, gay, lisbian, and bi,”Damn even animals are gay, lisbian, and bi, ‘What the heck you going to do about that?’ just deal with it” and don’t put religion in this stuff.