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Who are on dating sites?

Who’s been trying dating sites out that live in small towns around a small city, so basically with smaller population then some places are, like me. There are a lot of dating sites, free ones, ones that say free to try, and ones you find out about hidden fees once you start your free trial.

I’m only going to talk about one dating site that is free and all dating sites are kind of the same of trying to find someone anyways, and there are scammers out there, so try to stick locally, less chance of getting scam. The dating site I’m talking about is OkCupid and my username on there is Kingdomblade1, so single ladies who on OkCupid, look me up. Sorry I need to spam myself a little on my blog.

So to the point of dating sites, when you are in a smaller population with people, it’s hard to find people you interested in, and if you are kind of picky about someone you want, but will deal with stuff that isn’t in your control. Also if you kind of stuck where you living at, so you want to find someone locally, because there are scammers out there from other countries, that will want you to give money to them, or that how it’s been mostly now.

OkCupid is the best dating site to use I say, also if you don’t want to spend money on a dating site, if you are living in a smaller population, and don’t see yourself moving anytime soon on your own, and watching out for scammers.