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Sex Robot Dolls that can talk and have orgasms if you can afford from $5,000-$10,000 of course, what next of sex toys?

Okay I been going through my Facebook timeline and seen a post of sex robot dolls. Okay of my immaturity I can see a lot of fun I can have with one, if I had the money to spend on one and what I can do with one. Just think, you can do what ever you want with one and you can choose what personality it can have, it also has an A.I.

You can do sex videos with sex robot dolls then post them on the web, role play in any way with them, dress them in any way you like, touch them in any way you like, basically they can’t be rape, since they not human. Also if you not good of talking to women or hitting on them, hey a sex robot doll doesn’t care how you look, talk to them, what your flaws are, or if you still living home at a dead-end job with a crappy car or no car. Also you don’t need to worry about getting it knock up, all you have to know about them is this link Sex Robot Dolls.