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Samurai Jack “spoilers ahead”

Okay I been watching all of the new ones and this the best one of his spiral search for his sword. I have to say I haven’t​ watch all the old one’s because of each episode being different in the old ones but now days in Animes they been during one long story line that I like, because it keeps continuing on.

Okay continuing on, I think this is longer enough for me to let the spoilers out without being seen in the head line.

Okay so samurai Jack have to find his spiral patch do is sword, but before he does that he has to be balance, so for him to be balance he have to get his anger and his frustration in control and face himself awhile during this to earn his sword back.

We all face this within​ ourselves at some points in our lives. I had a long time during this with my anger as a child and facing it and learning to control it, and that it’s part of me and not a persona thing. That lots of people don’t want to face their anger with any situation or influence that they under, but like it or not, it’s still you, even if you don’t remember what happened, or not acting as your normal self.