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Okay relationships bonds, trust, truefulness, and bulding a relationship to be strong or making it strong again.

Okay to clear this up, I never been in a relationship. I think I might know about relationships, but I have no experience in relationships besides learning about friend relationships as a child and girls that I like as a child.

We all make mistakes in a relationship, or mistake with someone that’s in a relationship, or both people that’s in a relationship with an other that is weaken after time with the one’s they are in a relationship with. The thing is what I think is people get tire of the same things, same life routine of everyday life, or feeling different about the partner, friend, or family, but family we can’t choose but can build a family relationship to be strong again as a family if it seems like it’s falling apart.

We always want to escape from our normal life sometimes or just get alway from people, family, or get new friends, or be with someone else when we get tire of the person/people we with. This is when a relationship is getting weaken from a girlfriend/boyfriend, wife/husband, friends and family, or maybe weaken by a substance that we are blinded by.

When these mistakes happen, we need to find a way to build a bond back that we once have with the person/people in our lives, or try to, if the bond can be fixed in the relationship we once had.peace-hand-bond-together We can’t always keep a relationship or relationships the same as it was before, but if we can find some kind of bond we have with each other, or find a new bond, we can build on together with a new trust or a trust back that we once had with a person/people/ourselves.

Okay also God is in our lives also, because I do believe in God and Jesus Christ even know I don’t talk about God and Jesus Christ all that much and the reason why? I’m not in religion all that much, not like I don’t want religion, but I’m more of working on myself first before wanting what I want before improving what I need to make myself strong over a fault, that’s in the way on what I want in my life. I also don’t like making big risks that can put me in a real bad situation, but I don’t mind small risks with less to be lost.

I also know God gives us optical’s to make ourselves stronger or to put our lives on hold for a while to help someone else or others before we can get what we want for ourselves. I admin I was angry at Jesus Christ in my teen years of drilling on my own problems and seem them as my own problems that people don’t understand what I’m going through, but that isn’t always true, because their always someone far off then you are or far worst then you have it in your life, if you open your eyes and look past yourselves and limits that holding you back.southern-ocean-252 If you never open your eyes, you will never see what’s on the other side that you are not seeing, or being blinded by. Thiers is always something bigger that we are not seeing the whole picture of.at_the_end_of_the_universe_by_tehangelscry-d8rjk7h


Okay this isn’t about drama or heart break but just about a girlfriend/boyfriend issue

Okay first of all I learn about love to young. It’s true about the first one being the hardest to get over if it’s your fault, their fault, or if it’s neutral, and that is true for the first love is the hardest to get over no matter when it happens in your life. Okay since I was young learning about love, I had a few childhood girl friends, but the first one I felt heart-break over the most, but the last childhood girl friend that I had in 3rd grade stun the most of her best friend with her that hurt me in a sit up, but like I say this isn’t about drama or heart-break, just the issue of the girlfriend/boyfriend.

Also I forgive them for it even if they don’t really remember about it, because I found peace with myself first before taking to them. Also awhile on the topic I also had an other childhood girl friend but more of a friend then as a girl friend or girlfriend. It was someone I grew up with that match up with VBadwolf but I saw her on MySpace first and ask for the friend request before she ask a request to add her on Facebook about few years after MySpace and then I told her that she might be that friend I knew that wasn’t, and she was getting upset with me about it, and I also can’t blame her for that. I was acting weird about it and I sometimes don’t come off as a normal guy and come off as a creep, “lol” sometimes.

She also say she from London and the girl I grew up with as a friend but not living together​ was living in Maple City, Michigan my home town more like my birth town being born at home, but she end up moving with her grandmother from getting in trouble a lot, also her parents was abusive for what I heard to her when she was young when I wasn’t over. Her grandmother was from London from what my grandma say when I was asking about a girl I knew when I was real young, since I don’t remember that girl much.

I also had something that use to bug me about her and it could have been because she had to move, and I could have been blaming myself because of that and of kids blaming themselves that isn’t their fault.

But anyways after having her as a Facebook friend as long as I did, did help me get over that feeling I had even if she wasn’t that person I thought she was or she just don’t remember and she don’t know the whole story of her being young, but either way theirs no point of getting into all that, also if it really isn’t the person I think it is. That will just end up bad for me and make me look like a crazy person.

Okay to the next topic of the girlfriend/boyfriend I took a break on girls in middle school and highschool that wasn’t the best time to do that but I was never into guys.

Okay but anyways I should or least tried to get a girlfriend in highschool but it could have been because I wasn’t over my first love yet, but anyways, I’m over my past, past problems, past girlfriends, past heart-break and not heart-broken now.

The problem now not having a car, money to go out, and time to be social and I’m not really liking dating sites, they don’t seem to be helping. This doesn’t mean I giving up on finding someone or hope on it. You just can’t rush these things, because it will happen when it happens or if it’s met to happen. That’s​ my girlfriend issue.