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Being reborn again; this always makes people think.

Okay in Church during this time of year of Advent, people talk about people being reborn, and people think how can you be reborn again, but when religion talks about being reborn, they not meaning physically but spiritedly.

I think what this mean from myself is seeing yourself and the wrong you did and do others, with mistakes you have made, or just to change yourself for the better; To become a new person, from who you was from before, I also believe in, “that is to be like Jesus,” also that this is, to be reborn again.

We all not perfect, some of us has hate and anger in our hearts that we learn through life, but God teaches us love through Jesus teachings, to show us forgiveness and to let go of pain from our past and to be strong with love for ourselves and people, thought the love of Jesus.

I had anger as a teen to people, love one’s, and also Jesus, and yes over time my anger had faded from others, and time show the kindness from people hearts and the kindness in my heart, that was hidden deep within my anger. I think spiritedly though time that I was reborn as a new person.