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Donald J. Trump Presidential Address

Okay we all know Donald Trump been President for 4 days now. I miss his presidential address because I don’t watch TV much so I search on the Internet. So he starts out his speech to bring the power back to the people and to bring the crime rate down and stop the drugs in our cities, our states, and our country.

Then he talks about how to keep our jobs here in America and not over seas, because we need our jobs here so people can make money, not have other countries make money from our jobs over seas.

Okay that sounds all good and all.

Okay we been hearing about having more jobs for people and better pay for years now. Their states like my that is Michigan that depends on the Factories that make things. If they been closing Factories down, how they expect people to make money, to make American things like we use to, if their Factories being close down and people who been working in the Factories their whole life and that all they know to do.

Yes having more jobs will be good, but why close down Factories that can still be during good, also why close down School’s that are not in bad shape for kids to learn and with teaching jobs that are available.

I‘m just saying their are People, Jobs, Schools, Business, and Factories that are still during okay but not at the low point, that can be help a bet.