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Nanaka 6/17 with thoughts on Multiple Personalities also with my childhood thoughts before age 11

Okay Nanaka 6/17 is about a 17 years old girl who falls down some stairs and bump her head and reverts to being 6 years old of herself that ends up being a multiple personality disorder, that she has some trouble dealing with

so the two personalities from the 6 years old Nanaka to the 17 years old Nanaka has some complex issues with each other, okay more of the 17 years old Nanaka has complex issues on the 6 years old Nanaka.

Okay my own thoughts on this multiple personality with not remembering to much of my childhood before age 11, had me thinking for years on it during the past and I still do little bet but not drilling on it. Like the way I was before an emotional break down that was for like 5 years maybe and from starting to reboot myself, that took about an other 5 years or so. Then when all my un shove issues came up at once, from drinking a lot after my 21 birthday. I knew I need to work these issues out with myself, but I needed to figure how I need to work these issues out with myself. Okay I not going to get in details about that, but that how I can relate to this anime.

Okay about Nanaka 6/17, the 17 Nanaka is want to be all grown up and want to study a lot and not so much of making friends besides having her childhood friend, that I won’t get into in this blog, but she’s ends up thinking about him and who he like’s more, “The 17 years old Nanaka or the 6 years old Nanaka.” Okay to him, they are the same person, but not to the 17 years old Nanaka.

Okay her childhood friend also has an other girl he like’s, that shouldn’t really get in the way, even know she has more of an edge on the other girl, of being his childhood friend, but she don’t want to stop her of being in is life and of being his friend, because of them being childhood friends.

So yeah multiple personalities can be hard, because you can’t Knowles when people have it, ¬†and it’s even hard to know if you might have a multiple personality disorder or not, even with an expert on multiple personalities, can’t even tell most of the time.