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Who hate beggars?

Okay who don’t like beggars with a sob story of any kind, asking for money in any type of way, okay I don’t mind sad stories without asking for money.

Yeah I like to have money, but you don’t see me begging for it, or bugging people of buying reblogs, maybe I have done affiliate programs, but they just as bad.

We always see adds, people, asking to buy or offering a deal of some type, so what we get out of it, just getting scam out of money, who are sick of this by now. I can say I am.

We all see, dating/love/sex scams, not stick pots and pans, paint in a pain rower, grow back hair, face cream, water prove hole fixer to help leaks and water coming in to something, money for your gold, loosing weight protects, knifes that never gets dull, weight loss pills, and ECT….,