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Why a Love Affair, when you make the first move.

“What’s the point of confessing your love for someone, when they don’t return their confess feelings back for you,
But like they didn’t really had any real feeling for you, when you made love to the person, even if it was an love affair,
They don’t share the same feelings for you, but have an other that they elope with, instead of you, even know that’s wrong too.
It makes you feel like a left over dinner, that get’s thrown out to the dogs, or worst to be kill’ed, but you just to smart and to much well power to live on with”,
‘Love sucks, no matter what you do with your love for someone, right or wrong.’

~Michael Harrison~


The World Only God Knows: Goddesses

Okay I haven’t seen these episodes of The World Only God Knows: Goddesses yet, so it’s going to be good watching and writing blogs on this one, I think? So right at the beginning of couple episodes in, theirs are Goddesses in the girls that Kerami Katsuragi set loose souls free, but because of the Goddesses within the girls, the memories that was lost comes back. So you know what that means, lot of Love Triangles or just one Big Love Triangle, but either way, one hell of a big miss for someone who fake being in love with girls to set loose souls free. LOL

So the way he’s knows which girls has the Goddesses in, are the ones who find out about Kanon love confession to him, so basically he let rumors go on about it, so the girls that get mad at him, are the ones’ with memories with being in love with him.

Okay more on The World God Only Knows on Katsuragi the main character.

Okay Katsuragi all in his dating sim games right and he knows all about them, the events that set place, flags that comes up, on what ever “Flags” mean in dating sim games, maybe bad endings or the route changes with in the game on the choices you make in the game. I only play a few of them myself to see how they was like and they not bad with multiple endings.

The World God Only Knows 30Okay this has something do with a teacher, okay more of a teacher student. Okay I played Hour Glass of Summer and I can get the teacher character in that game without cheating, because it’s easy to cheat on DVD dating sim games. But anyways this the last character in season 2 of The World God Only Knows and she tries to help Katsuragi out with him being a problem child of playing games in class all the time but he ends up during good in his classes, even know he plays his games.

Okay usually he’s good on girl characters in games but when it comes to real girls, he doesn’t know what route to take right away to get to them, or also if a route he didn’t choose but it just end up being a route that’s get’s set, then he just has to work on that route to get the loose soul.

So basically this teacher student is set in her own ideas

and tries to force them on others to see her way is the best, but she just don’t get how to get her ideas out to people, where they can see where she’s coming from.

Funny moments in Initial D, that I kind of like.

Okay like my main picture and lot of animes do this where friends spy on their friend with a date that their friend is on and one doesn’t like it because they are lonely or if the person they like is the person they spying on, but in this case is because the friend doesn’t like it, because the friend doesn’t have a girlfriend for himself.

I also like when the main character finds out the car that beats him in a random challenge was his farther, that I kind of figure, because of his farther and his farther try to challenge him to get him better with his skills as a driver and of his farther of being a street racer at one time, so that why racing is just so natural to him because of his farther, “just one of those straits that people pick up from family sometimes, but not passed down.”

So yeah, that was funny, when he found out, when his farther beat him.

Okay back to the dating thing and with a girl you like but it’s one sided with your feelings that you have with a girl you feel you in love with, Initial D 30but she likes you as a friend. We all been there and I have a few times, it sucks, but you don’t get hurt by the girl, just from yourself from setting yourself up for heart break, and it happens to the best of us, for being nice guys, but like people say, “nice guys finish last,” but you wonder when that will be or you blew your change a long time ago.

I wonder that myself a few times in my life with finding peace with myself with conpress memories before talking to the people I need to find answers from, because sometimes you won’t get the answer you looking for or no answer, so you need to be ready for that with yourself before talking to the person or persons that you need those answers from and find peace within yourself first.

That what I learn in my life, is always best to be in peace with yourself first before you find peace with a person you need to find peace with, it make things a lot easier on you, “trust me on that.”