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Okay whoes into Gotham? Spoiler he’s the Joker and Bruce is Batman.

Okay they had the first battle of Jerome and Bruce of the first of many…., But later spoiler as Batman and the Joker.

Okay I always been a big fan of Batman since the 3rd grade and when Gotham came out three years ago I was trill about it. First of all I don’t read Comics like DC COMICS and like Marvial but that’s off the topic of Batman and a whole different Comic company.

Okay we all know the Penguin is gay by now, that I didn’t really like but I don’t have any thing next’s gays. Okay to the point that the Penguin and Edward Nigma are not partners anymore and Edward Nigma knows that the Penguin kill his latest girlfriend and he doesn’t feel the same way about the Penguin. 

Also Jerome is back from the dead after a year a so, I think since they didn’t really say exactly how long he was dead for. Also Jerome face gets taken off that is bizarre but I’m into it a little. I also been a big Joker fan to of the villans of the 90’s animation of Batman and Superman Series. I also like the Batman Beyond spin-off of the Batman series. I also seen some of the new Batman animated movies from 2010, 2012, and the 2013 ones.

Okay back to Gotham where it’s going to lead to? They give a hint that Edward Nigma going to play is role with his Riddler side. That should be interesting I think? Spoiler alert Penguin is not dead but what’s going to be happening with the Penguin and his he going to get revenge on the person he love? Okay we seen that Bruce Wayne isn’t going to break of killing someone, even if it’s, his worse enemy. Are we going to see that dark side of him that he ends up becoming Batman later on in his life and what about Selina Kyle? Is she going to forgive Bruce for giving money to her mother even know he knew what her mother was going to do with the money. Also do they ever become a couple before Bruce finds his true love or wait, didn’t they show her already or was that an other side character? Also what’s the deal with Lee will she ever stop blaming Gordon for her husband death? Also with Barbara, when do she get’s back with Gordon because don’t they end up being together later in the storyline of the Batman Series?

Like I say I don’t read comics and I know they had new anime series of Batman after the 90’s.