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Okay this is Emily Rea Lively and I knew her from school not personally like friends, but we was in the same grade. Also the photo is off her Myspace profile, it’s not my.

Okay I knew her my whole school life and I lost my first childhood girlfriend from taken my problems out on her at one time in 3rd grade, but either way that’s in the past and no pain from it now. Okay I never had any thing against Emily Rea Lively even know I call her a “Fat ¬†Bitch” on a Valentines Day card in 3rd grade, that my first childhood girlfriend found out, and told me we not friends anymore. So yeah I took that hard and took me over 10 years or longer to get over that.

I always like Emily voice when she song, so much that I like her folk music, when I don’t like folk music at all, but her voice makes up for it, and she did got good of playing guitar since high school and went to where I work at now, during the summer time to get good with playing guitar and I don’t know what else she work on, when she was at where I work at now, from when she was in high school, but she got what it takes to be a famous folk singer, I think, if she not already in Texas. So yeah Emily Rea Lively is a great singer, and if I knew where to buy her CD’s, I will.