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Okay Gohan is poison in Dragon Ball Super episode 80

Okay Gohan gets poison and blind, so he has to relay on his other 4 senses, to keep fighting. I like this myself, because this is a realistic fighting style, but it takes time and training to master it. Even for people who do become blind, to learn to enhance the other 4 senses, but it’s possible to do.

Just not as fast as Gohan did, or less he had training, of mastering, of enhancing those senses, or less is a Saiyan’s thing or pass down from his farther, from learning that from Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball?

It does get interesting, when they kick it up a bet, of Gohan enemy takes fright in the air, so he can’t hear him, so he has to go Super Saiyan, to use an other sense, that Super Saiyan’s, can only do.


Dragon Ball Super 79 review

Okay Marjin Buu is fighting the first battle. I not saying who wins but the Zeno’s get bored when the fight is ending kind of fast with a knock out, so the fight does not end with a knock out, also with the Zeno’s are not liking the original rules, so everything goes.

Their isn’t much to say of this one without spoiling it but the universe 9 power levers can’t be sense, that makes it difficult for universe 7. Also universe 11 fighters seems to be powerful also.

Also with Dragon Ball Super episode 80 with Gohan up next seems like it will be interesting with Gohan eyes being a different color of not seeing his Peoples, so what’s going on with that, and does he finds his hidden powers again?hqdefault