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Desire can be of anything

via Daily Prompt: Desire

Anyone can have desires of during something thing great, or have a desire of having something.

I always have a desire to be a better person and find that childhood inter persona, that I don’t remember much of as a child, but as a better person and wiser, and be an adult with that persona, that I don’t remember from my childhood.

That persona as a child was lost, and my main persona was an angry child of being hurt by other children and compress memories that the lost persona took in, and my angry persona took it out on others, and my sister.

I also have a desire of being in a relationship of cuddling and find the woman who will love me and I will love that person, that we will both love our children and be together with each other and with our children to rise them up to be good children, as we rise them to be and hope for the best for them.

When this does happen for me, but if not, I just be happy for what I got.

I also have a desire of making better money with a job I will love, with hours that will work with me, maybe be my own boss, or maybe at a top class office, or work at home. That is my desire to own a home someday.

What are desires?

They can be sexual desires, that isn’t being full fill. A dream that isn’t being made or coming true. A long life goal we working for. A plan we want to full fill.

Desires can be numbers of things we want for ourselves, or someone, or our children, what we want out of a lives, a job, a career, a car, a house, it can be anything we have our mind-set on, or quitting an addiction.