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Funny moments in Initial D, that I kind of like.

Okay like my main picture and lot of animes do this where friends spy on their friend with a date that their friend is on and one doesn’t like it because they are lonely or if the person they like is the person they spying on, but in this case is because the friend doesn’t like it, because the friend doesn’t have a girlfriend for himself.

I also like when the main character finds out the car that beats him in a random challenge was his farther, that I kind of figure, because of his farther and his farther try to challenge him to get him better with his skills as a driver and of his farther of being a street racer at one time, so that why racing is just so natural to him because of his farther, “just one of those straits that people pick up from family sometimes, but not passed down.”

So yeah, that was funny, when he found out, when his farther beat him.

Okay back to the dating thing and with a girl you like but it’s one sided with your feelings that you have with a girl you feel you in love with, Initial D 30but she likes you as a friend. We all been there and I have a few times, it sucks, but you don’t get hurt by the girl, just from yourself from setting yourself up for heart break, and it happens to the best of us, for being nice guys, but like people say, “nice guys finish last,” but you wonder when that will be or you blew your change a long time ago.

I wonder that myself a few times in my life with finding peace with myself with conpress memories before talking to the people I need to find answers from, because sometimes you won’t get the answer you looking for or no answer, so you need to be ready for that with yourself before talking to the person or persons that you need those answers from and find peace within yourself first.

That what I learn in my life, is always best to be in peace with yourself first before you find peace with a person you need to find peace with, it make things a lot easier on you, “trust me on that.”


A retry on my relationship blog

Okay my last blog didn’t save after spending an hour in a half on. Like relationships right, of trying to be in one, to have one work, staying in one, learning about them. That can be a pain sometimes.

I can see why people don’t want them, to comment to something, but I do want a relationship, because I think, I know about relationships, but never been in one, so I really don’t know about relationships.

We all know where this getting to of two things that are the same but different. I got into a lot of details in my last unsaved blog, that I don’t want to get into about that on this blog. “Like relationships right?” Sorry for these punch line jokes, of my last blog that didn’t save, but relationships takes a lot of work and lot of time also, like with work you put into something that you like during or love during. These things can be a love and hate relationship.

Same with people you trying to get with, or to get their attention. It all depends on the person, and how they are, what they like, on their type, or the type they are, on who they like with their sexuality, or on your sexuality on what you like of someone.

Same with relationships you been in for a long time. Things changes that grow a part or grow stronger, the people in the relationship changes from good to bad. Sometimes you need to take a break from each other or just stop being together because the thing that drawn you together isn’t there anymore.

This is why relationships are hard with these factors that play in relationships. There are old relationships from the past that you want to give an other shot with. Because of people you knew from the past are different on how you knew them as or you are different from what they knew you as. “RELATIONSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT?”

Who are on dating sites?

Who’s been trying dating sites out that live in small towns around a small city, so basically with smaller population then some places are, like me. There are a lot of dating sites, free ones, ones that say free to try, and ones you find out about hidden fees once you start your free trial.

I’m only going to talk about one dating site that is free and all dating sites are kind of the same of trying to find someone anyways, and there are scammers out there, so try to stick locally, less chance of getting scam. The dating site I’m talking about is OkCupid and my username on there is Kingdomblade1, so single ladies who on OkCupid, look me up. Sorry I need to spam myself a little on my blog.

So to the point of dating sites, when you are in a smaller population with people, it’s hard to find people you interested in, and if you are kind of picky about someone you want, but will deal with stuff that isn’t in your control. Also if you kind of stuck where you living at, so you want to find someone locally, because there are scammers out there from other countries, that will want you to give money to them, or that how it’s been mostly now.

OkCupid is the best dating site to use I say, also if you don’t want to spend money on a dating site, if you are living in a smaller population, and don’t see yourself moving anytime soon on your own, and watching out for scammers.