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Okay more on The World God Only Knows on Katsuragi the main character.

Okay Katsuragi all in his dating sim games right and he knows all about them, the events that set place, flags that comes up, on what ever “Flags” mean in dating sim games, maybe bad endings or the route changes with in the game on the choices you make in the game. I only play a few of them myself to see how they was like and they not bad with multiple endings.

The World God Only Knows 30Okay this has something do with a teacher, okay more of a teacher student. Okay I played Hour Glass of Summer and I can get the teacher character in that game without cheating, because it’s easy to cheat on DVD dating sim games. But anyways this the last character in season 2 of The World God Only Knows and she tries to help Katsuragi out with him being a problem child of playing games in class all the time but he ends up during good in his classes, even know he plays his games.

Okay usually he’s good on girl characters in games but when it comes to real girls, he doesn’t know what route to take right away to get to them, or also if a route he didn’t choose but it just end up being a route that’s get’s set, then he just has to work on that route to get the loose soul.

So basically this teacher student is set in her own ideas

and tries to force them on others to see her way is the best, but she just don’t get how to get her ideas out to people, where they can see where she’s coming from.


More on The World God Only Knows

Okay I’m about half way in the 2nd season of The World God Only Knows.

I like these scenes where they show more of the main guy character gaming personality and even know it seems like it will be sad, but he seems to enjoy being alone playing his dating sim games, or his he just acting like he’s not sad about something by having his mind on games all the time?

Okay he wants to get a lot of gaming hours in but he has to set girls loose souls free, so this is getting in his way and he ask the demon girl how much loose souls he has to go, since he thinks he as to be about half way, when he finds out that he has 60,000 loose souls to set free, that makes him depress to think is normal life is over and he doesn’t know how long it’s going to take to set 60,000 loose souls free.

Okay this girl he tries something different by using what he knows to help her to ask a guy out. So he ends up actually caring about helping her out to set her soul free. So basically she ends up being his hardest challenge of setting loose souls free and ends up caring about her a little, but I also Knowles he does feel something with the girls he helps to set their souls free, when he looks at them and know they don’t remember him and of being in love with him, so does this make his heart ache a little?