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Okay I been re watching my Chobits collection, I also have the Dears collection also.

Okay I been re watching my Chobits collection and I won’t spoil anything‚Äč. I like how they have these computers that they call persocoms that look like humans and can do everyday tasks that they are program to do, but Chobits sure post to feel feelings like humans do besides being programs with feelings as a custom-made persocom has.

I also like the comedy stuff they have, like joking with porn sites, virginity, getting flustered over girls and persocoms, and spacing out. The series stuff is good too, that is relationships with a person and a persocom instead of a person being in a relationship with an other person and what the difference is with a person and a persocom like with memories, feelings, with replacing a persocom like it is with replacing a person and how you can’t replace the memories you have with a persocom and that can be the same as a person you have memories with that you love or in love with.

You just can’t replace those things you have with them and like with any living thing in your life, and maybe with personal items to that you own.

I might watch Dears since that more of dealing with aliens and jokes with sex slaves stuff but kind of the same topics on the issues. I don’t know yet but I might blog about it if I do.