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Okay almost everyone play app games now day’s

Okay my favorite app game so far is KHUx a.k.a Kingdom Hearts Unchained x, I don’t know what’s the ‘x’ stands for maybe, for 10, for being the tenth game or maybe for theĀ ‘x Key Blade Wars’ that they talked about in Kingdom Hearts: Sleep by Birth? I also haven’t played all of them or beat all of them, but beat the 1st one, play half of the 2nd one and watch my friend beat the 2nd one, my friend only help me on the Ice Cream Machine on the Sleep by Birth one, and I’d beating that one, with the little help from my friend, beat the DS and the 3DS one’s, those all the one’s I beaten and played.

Maybe if the prices drop on the PlayStation 3 and 4, or find them at a garage sell in the future and find the Kingdom Hearts remakes of them, but that will be hard to do.

Okay back of talking about app games’, they mostly free that we all know, but you can do inside app purchases, so that’s cool to. I thinking this is a spend off to the arcade game area that people from the 80’s and 90’s remember, but using debit cards/credit cards instead of using quarters, but how long will the app games area will go on for, or even for the app area of smartphones, smart TV’s, tablets, and computers now, before something new and more popular will be out and better. Also because we can use debit/credit cards and the devices we use them on, can remember these, so we can put locks on them like a password or a digit numbers code to keep them save from other people and from our kids, if we have any of getting to them and using our debit/credit cards information on them for using the inside purchases that isn’t new.

I’m glad I don’t have kids, but don’t get me wrong, I will like to have them, but of these games’ I will have to be careful, if my kids will be anything like me, when I was young, for arcade games and sneaking money from my parents, like $5 for quarters, but with debit/credit cards, can be really bad for us’, but mostly with the credit card’s’ information, from kids on these app games’, if they get their hands on our devices’, because let’s admit, kids are really smart with these things like we are, but maybe smarter than we are.

Also their so many app games’ now day’s, it’s not even funny and if we use our debit/credit cards information on them, we have to be very careful’ on this people from hackers, because who knows, an app game we be playing can be made by a hacker’, that steals a lot of money or credit from us’, if we not careful of this, or we don’t think of thinking of this’!!!?

Instead of spending money on these apps, about spending money on an anti-malware and antivirus, because the free anti-malware and antivirus don’t do a lot, but you can get good deals on them, like with Iobit that have good deals on these computers software and Android devices software sometimes, and Iobit can be trusted, because I use it for almost 2 years now.