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Ancestry is great to know your Family History.

Okay I was on Ancestry and during research on my family history but more with my last name Harrison. I came along with Major General Thomas Harrison and Google him and found him on a Wikipedia page Thomas Harrison (soldier). I learn a lot about him and found out there is a book on him maybe a few, but I only read this oneMajor-GeneralThomasHarrisonMillenarianism,FifthMonarchism on him.

I learn he was in the English Civil War and sign King Charles I Death Warrant also he was executed in 1660 of being one the King’s​ Killer’s but he was the first one to be executed and was set as an example of, so he gotten the worst of it, also he was my 11th great-grandfather. He was also in the New Model Army that was between 1645-1660 but of the New Model Army, I don’t remember when he joined in the New Model Army.New_Model_Army_-_Soldier's_catechism

He was also wealthy, he also had an education in Oxford something college, “I can’t remember the whole name but it’s in the book I read.” It also say that he say he was talking with God and he fear the Load on what the Load wanted from him, from being the work of God’s Hand during Major General Thomas Harrison War.

So my 11th great-grandfather was famous in history for his efforts on his believes that people seen him as a ractedcal. I think of him as a great person for going on what he thought was right even if it was his life on the line, because of his believes.