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Why a Love Affair, when you make the first move.

“What’s the point of confessing your love for someone, when they don’t return their confess feelings back for you,
But like they didn’t really had any real feeling for you, when you made love to the person, even if it was an love affair,
They don’t share the same feelings for you, but have an other that they elope with, instead of you, even know that’s wrong too.
It makes you feel like a left over dinner, that get’s thrown out to the dogs, or worst to be kill’ed, but you just to smart and to much well power to live on with”,
‘Love sucks, no matter what you do with your love for someone, right or wrong.’

~Michael Harrison~


Old women not depending on their status with young men not depending on their status.

Okay this going to be mostly mature talk with immature talk also. We see older women with younger men and you wonder why this happens or if there a reason behind it or is just a love/crush affair happening. In some ways I don’t see this as a big deal, same with vise versa with the men being older with younger women, but this isn’t about this in my blog.

Okay if older women with younger men was single with no under age being in the way, then I can see that as being fine, but if they both have marriage status with them or one of them has a marriage status, this is in general with anyone, and its a moral sin but it happens. Also with younger men who have it out for milfs that happens a lot to.milf Okay if either one of them is spirited rated there is arrangement between those married couples, that I’m still new with because if sex happens within these arrangements that they have in their spirited ration is still a moral sin even know it’s might be fine with between the married couples, but this can make it confusing with the person dating with confuse feeling for the spirited rated person.

With me for crushes on women or falling in love with them, I can be rational with my thinking but saying that isn’t easy for me, it’s still hard with confuse feeling also with sex with an older spirited rated person or just in general can get confusing with being physical with each other even if the sex was amazon or what a person can recall from being drunk if that the case in a sexual relation with someone who you become closer with, even if the other person plan was just to fuck because that can happen with an other date that they having but since the person is spirited rated, this isn’t the person problem who fuck or made love with that person and what that person do in their personal life but it still can be confusing and with guys who like to be controlling over the person with confuse feelings with.

This also can be a triangle thing on the spirited rated person on the people they date, that they don’t think of these things, also if you wonder if the spirited rated person fantasize about you awhile they touching their selves that can be a turn on for you. Also if you thinking you can get an other date on the spirited rated person or an other change alone together with the spirited rated person to fuck or make love to them again even you know that shouldn’t happen again but you can’t help thinking of the first time with them even know it’s a moral sin, also if you a good person and won’t make things hard on the spirited rated person also if other people try to make things hard on you from fucking or making love to the spirited person, that they date to that they get close to with confuse feelings for the spirited rated person.

This can be a mess sometimes but harder on the older spirited rated person I think because they don’t want drama just to have good times and fucking and making love is fun even know it can be wrong in some situations and can get confusing but if the older woman went through menopause than theirs no baby card to worry about and that’s most likely in sexual relations with an older women, so I think that is one of the reason’s why young men like older women because theirs no baby to worry about.

Drunken Love/Sexual Affairs most of us are guilty of this.

Okay when we with someone and drinking usually don’t end up good even if it goes all well during the time. Most of us been in these situations good or bad. I never blame my actions on alcohol and I admit I’m an alcoholic. I’m​ also a lover who falls in love easy.

Okay drunken love is always confusing even if it’s an affair with someone you know really good, or meet, work with, live together, or just a random a counter. We all need something if we not getting it or getting what we want from someone.

Most of us are guilty of these and we are also not perfect, but there is always theories for everything, like Steven​ Hawking use for is theories of the universe. I usually don’t read books but I have seen movies on some books.