Okay more Death Note talk and the last blog for the day.

Okay Misa meet Light and Light say he will act like Misa boyfriend and Misa say she try to make Light love her. They also touch each other Death Notes or part of them so they can see each other Shinigamis’

“I really want to be immature on this when saying ‘each other Shinigami’s’ because it sounds like a sexual thing” and I already know people already been on the internet and did immatures things already on the internet, and if I Google search “Touching Shinigamis” I will get Death Note Anime Porn I bet. Hey I should make that a key word, so it will become on top of Google searches, lol.

So anyways L knows about the 2nd Kira and Light’s plan of trying to kill him with working with the other Kira. That’s what with the cell phones and you know this before smart phones, since the cell phones are smaller than smart phones are right, also it went good with my immature joke.

So anyways Light and Misa is in confinement.



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