The World God Only Knows episode 1

Okay I can relate to the female character in this anime but not of a sprain angle but of my left shin being bruise when I was younger playing soccer by a mean kid, so I can’t play soccer anymore. I also seen all this anime before but the first half on Anime Network and the other half on Hulu but this episode I can relate to the most and it hits home with my past injury. Also I seen it when I was drinking more in my drinking days, so it made me think more about my past injury and made me cry, but it made me feel better because I use to compress my memories so I don’t remember being injure back then just remembering getting back up in my head and not being scare of the mean kid. Okay enough of me and to The World God Only Knows.

Okay the main guy character is a game nerd and only like girls in games and don’t like reality girls but game girls more. He ends up singing a contract with a female demon that he needs to set girls souls free by having them fall in love with him. His games are dating sim games so he uses what he knows from games on the girls he needs to set their souls free. Their some humor on the dating sim games with girls he tries to help to set their souls free. This anime is really funny but their some good drama into it also with the comedy with it.

Okay I might do more blogs on The World God Only Knows episodes maybe, but I just wanted to one on the first episode.


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