Nanaka 6/17 with thoughts on Multiple Personalities also with my childhood thoughts before age 11

Okay Nanaka 6/17 is about a 17 years old girl who falls down some stairs and bump her head and reverts to being 6 years old of herself that ends up being a multiple personality disorder, that she has some trouble dealing with

so the two personalities from the 6 years old Nanaka to the 17 years old Nanaka has some complex issues with each other, okay more of the 17 years old Nanaka has complex issues on the 6 years old Nanaka.

Okay my own thoughts on this multiple personality with not remembering to much of my childhood before age 11, had me thinking for years on it during the past and I still do little bet but not drilling on it. Like the way I was before an emotional break down that was for like 5 years maybe and from starting to reboot myself, that took about an other 5 years or so. Then when all my un shove issues came up at once, from drinking a lot after my 21 birthday. I knew I need to work these issues out with myself, but I needed to figure how I need to work these issues out with myself. Okay I not going to get in details about that, but that how I can relate to this anime.

Okay about Nanaka 6/17, the 17 Nanaka is want to be all grown up and want to study a lot and not so much of making friends besides having her childhood friend, that I won’t get into in this blog, but she’s ends up thinking about him and who he like’s more, “The 17 years old Nanaka or the 6 years old Nanaka.” Okay to him, they are the same person, but not to the 17 years old Nanaka.

Okay her childhood friend also has an other girl he like’s, that shouldn’t really get in the way, even know she has more of an edge on the other girl, of being his childhood friend, but she don’t want to stop her of being in is life and of being his friend, because of them being childhood friends.

So yeah multiple personalities can be hard, because you can’t Knowles when people have it,  and it’s even hard to know if you might have a multiple personality disorder or not, even with an expert on multiple personalities, can’t even tell most of the time.


The World Only God Knows: Goddesses

Okay I haven’t seen these episodes of The World Only God Knows: Goddesses yet, so it’s going to be good watching and writing blogs on this one, I think? So right at the beginning of couple episodes in, theirs are Goddesses in the girls that Kerami Katsuragi set loose souls free, but because of the Goddesses within the girls, the memories that was lost comes back. So you know what that means, lot of Love Triangles or just one Big Love Triangle, but either way, one hell of a big miss for someone who fake being in love with girls to set loose souls free. LOL

So the way he’s knows which girls has the Goddesses in, are the ones who find out about Kanon love confession to him, so basically he let rumors go on about it, so the girls that get mad at him, are the ones’ with memories with being in love with him.

Okay more on The World God Only Knows on Katsuragi the main character.

Okay Katsuragi all in his dating sim games right and he knows all about them, the events that set place, flags that comes up, on what ever “Flags” mean in dating sim games, maybe bad endings or the route changes with in the game on the choices you make in the game. I only play a few of them myself to see how they was like and they not bad with multiple endings.

The World God Only Knows 30Okay this has something do with a teacher, okay more of a teacher student. Okay I played Hour Glass of Summer and I can get the teacher character in that game without cheating, because it’s easy to cheat on DVD dating sim games. But anyways this the last character in season 2 of The World God Only Knows and she tries to help Katsuragi out with him being a problem child of playing games in class all the time but he ends up during good in his classes, even know he plays his games.

Okay usually he’s good on girl characters in games but when it comes to real girls, he doesn’t know what route to take right away to get to them, or also if a route he didn’t choose but it just end up being a route that’s get’s set, then he just has to work on that route to get the loose soul.

So basically this teacher student is set in her own ideas

and tries to force them on others to see her way is the best, but she just don’t get how to get her ideas out to people, where they can see where she’s coming from.

More on The World God Only Knows

Okay I’m about half way in the 2nd season of The World God Only Knows.

I like these scenes where they show more of the main guy character gaming personality and even know it seems like it will be sad, but he seems to enjoy being alone playing his dating sim games, or his he just acting like he’s not sad about something by having his mind on games all the time?

Okay he wants to get a lot of gaming hours in but he has to set girls loose souls free, so this is getting in his way and he ask the demon girl how much loose souls he has to go, since he thinks he as to be about half way, when he finds out that he has 60,000 loose souls to set free, that makes him depress to think is normal life is over and he doesn’t know how long it’s going to take to set 60,000 loose souls free.

Okay this girl he tries something different by using what he knows to help her to ask a guy out. So he ends up actually caring about helping her out to set her soul free. So basically she ends up being his hardest challenge of setting loose souls free and ends up caring about her a little, but I also Knowles he does feel something with the girls he helps to set their souls free, when he looks at them and know they don’t remember him and of being in love with him, so does this make his heart ache a little?

The World Only God Knows with my own personal thoughts with a bet that I can relate to in my life and part of my past

Okay the main guy character escapes life in his games that are dating sim games and he like the girls in his games because he likes those girls better from real girls. Their also a girl in episodes 10-12 that escapes from reality though books and doesn’t really talk to people. I can relate to this from my teen years from not wanting to deal with reality also people who knows me from my old longest job that I had knows me at first staying in my own work place and keeping to myself where I can not deal with people. Also when I wasn’t working or before I had a job and at home I was watching cartoons most of the time and using that to escape from reality too.

The World God Only Knows 14 We also know the real world can be a scary place because I can admin, I don’t like the news because their always something about drugs, a drug lab, murder, rape, and robberies. I don’t really like hearing or reading about that everyday but this stuff happens everyday and countries with wars, or if we in a war or not in a war, theirs still wars within cities that deal with street gangs, drive byes, drug wars, drug dealers with guns, people being cruel to animals, also wife beaters, theirs so much that goes on that we don’t hear about or don’t want to hear about or if we see it and we try not do anything or think like it didn’t happen and just go on with our lives. Is it right  sometimes not to step in something that we see wrong?

Also when we are in our own world or walls we lock ourselves in. The World God Only Knows 15 We all felt like this at one point in our lives, or at one point in our lives we might feel like this. We might even use alcohol, or drugs, or both to numb ourselves from live dramas or maybe not, but just use these things to feel good or think we using them for that but either way, these things isn’t a quick fix to our problems just to numb ourselves from these live problems or put them on hold.

The World God Only Knows 8 We will all want this to, but in the real world, that will be too perfect. In my school childhood life it wasn’t easy to deal with kids being cruel and with my speech impediment, it made my childhood hard to deal with, but it teach me kindness for people.

Hard to think that of people being cruel to you will learn you kindness, but their was nice people in my life also besides the cruel people in my life and I learn about love and being in love with someone being real young, so with all my problems that I deal with, the hardest thing was heart-break to deal with growing up through school life for me.

The World God Only Knows 3 Okay this sure post to be “Don’t know why my heart isn’t aching” but I thinking it must be an English Subtitle mistake or something they miss. The reason why they use this because the main guy character doesn’t fall for real women but have this thing for fantasy girls in his dating sim games that he plays on his “PFP” that is sure post to be a “PSP,” I think because of copy right issues I think. The World God Only Knows 4 I thinking the main story is for the main guy character to fall in love with a real person besides a fantasy person. Also when they using the word “God” in this is most of a false God thing, that goes to the main guy character because he’s so good of beating dating sim games or finding ways around bugs The World God Only Knows 5 and he also have the other main demon girl character to help him in one of his dating sim game’s, since she has a contract with him, for him to free girls lose souls free for them to fall in love with him and they forget about him and of falling in love with him after he free’s their souls.

Okay the librarian girl in episodes 10-12 is in her own world of books and the library is a place for her to feel save in, and she thinks people sure behave in ways they should in libraries besides being quite in them.

She don’t like people writing in library books, lovers acting like lovers in the library, she don’t like disposing of old books in the library,The World God Only Knows 10 and she likes escaping into books when she reads them and like learning from them. She also tries to close the library

because of this.

The World God Only Knows 9 So at times like this you just have to step back and see how it plays out because only God knows how things going to be or what God wants for people.The World God Only Knows 2


The World God Only Knows episode 1

Okay I can relate to the female character in this anime but not of a sprain angle but of my left shin being bruise when I was younger playing soccer by a mean kid, so I can’t play soccer anymore. I also seen all this anime before but the first half on Anime Network and the other half on Hulu but this episode I can relate to the most and it hits home with my past injury. Also I seen it when I was drinking more in my drinking days, so it made me think more about my past injury and made me cry, but it made me feel better because I use to compress my memories so I don’t remember being injure back then just remembering getting back up in my head and not being scare of the mean kid. Okay enough of me and to The World God Only Knows.

Okay the main guy character is a game nerd and only like girls in games and don’t like reality girls but game girls more. He ends up singing a contract with a female demon that he needs to set girls souls free by having them fall in love with him. His games are dating sim games so he uses what he knows from games on the girls he needs to set their souls free. Their some humor on the dating sim games with girls he tries to help to set their souls free. This anime is really funny but their some good drama into it also with the comedy with it.

Okay I might do more blogs on The World God Only Knows episodes maybe, but I just wanted to one on the first episode.

Sex Robot Dolls that can talk and have orgasms if you can afford from $5,000-$10,000 of course, what next of sex toys?

Okay I been going through my Facebook timeline and seen a post of sex robot dolls. Okay of my immaturity I can see a lot of fun I can have with one, if I had the money to spend on one and what I can do with one. Just think, you can do what ever you want with one and you can choose what personality it can have, it also has an A.I.

You can do sex videos with sex robot dolls then post them on the web, role play in any way with them, dress them in any way you like, touch them in any way you like, basically they can’t be rape, since they not human. Also if you not good of talking to women or hitting on them, hey a sex robot doll doesn’t care how you look, talk to them, what your flaws are, or if you still living home at a dead-end job with a crappy car or no car. Also you don’t need to worry about getting it knock up, all you have to know about them is this link Sex Robot Dolls.