Initial D live action movie

Okay I been during research on Initial D live action movie and seen it been shown in New York but not too much here in the states, it also came on Blue Ray, but not on DVD I guess. I seen theirs might be an other live action movie, but it look like it never took off, because I seen movie blog’s on people saying good and bad things about it, like the characters are miss up and it doesn’t follow the manga of Initial D, but their was people saying it was good.

I seen most of the anime besides Battle 2 and Extra Stage 2. It was a good series, I didn’t like the mama boy near the end of it, but maybe they planning on during something with him in a new series of Initial D, like a new generation thing and have the older main characters of being on the race track instead of street racing and show the younger new characters that’s getting in street races that’s going overseas with being on their home track and vise versa with oversea characters or something like that.

Just something I think it will be cool if the series goes on or stops for a bet then comes back again. Also if we decide during something with it, if we don’t screw the storyline up and change things from the manga and the anime of Initial D, and have the people who wrote the Fast and the Furious direct it and maybe of Death Race.

I think it won’t be that bad, if they have actors who not highly popular. Who want to change their characters that isn’t like the characters from the manga and the anime.

Also if they don’t try to modernize it to modern times, that’s always a mistake, I think in some movies. Just keep as it is, but have it in modern times. Don’t change too much of something, but maybe add more to something like a back story, those are always good, or maybe as it as a spend off to the original, that also isn’t all that bad either.




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