Okay Back Problems

Okay I been having back problems. It can be out a place or from an old back injury that I don’t recall happening when I was in the first grade with 3 or 4 other kids, but I do know about it because my grandma ask me about it 8 years ago if I remember it when my back was bugging me a little at that time. Of course I was surprised about it but not shock about it and I say “what I don’t recall that happening” and she say their was 4 10th graders that was stretching 4 1st grader kids backs out and they was grabbing our legs and arms and stretching them out the long way. She said one girl had to had help for years because of it.

Okay back to my back problem without the sob story behind it, but that can be part of it. I’m also seeing a chiropractor on Wednesday on the 12th of next week to see what the problem is, but usually at this time of night my back isn’t bugging me now but after an 8 hour sleep then it’s get stiff, also when I set up right my lower back get stiff and it feels like it getting pence, so my last blog about back stretching wasn’t really helping me, but that just me.

I also never really seen a chiropractor before but had my back cracked by my family Doctor in Highschool that was about over 18 years ago, maybe, or not longer. I also never really had good back posture when setting on the bus, chair, or on a sofa.

My back always bug me when their was nothing be hind it or if the back of what I was setting on, wasn’t high enough to back of my head.

Also when I stared to work my back was getting stronger, so it wasn’t bugging me as much, but that I’m 32 now, I much be breaking down now with my bone mass and my muscle mass.

I guess it from getting older, but I to feel 50 sometimes, so I really don’t want to see how I feel when I 50. So yeah it can be any of these reasons.


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