Samurai Jack “spoilers ahead”

Okay I been watching all of the new ones and this the best one of his spiral search for his sword. I have to say I haven’t​ watch all the old one’s because of each episode being different in the old ones but now days in Animes they been during one long story line that I like, because it keeps continuing on.

Okay continuing on, I think this is longer enough for me to let the spoilers out without being seen in the head line.

Okay so samurai Jack have to find his spiral patch do is sword, but before he does that he has to be balance, so for him to be balance he have to get his anger and his frustration in control and face himself awhile during this to earn his sword back.

We all face this within​ ourselves at some points in our lives. I had a long time during this with my anger as a child and facing it and learning to control it, and that it’s part of me and not a persona thing. That lots of people don’t want to face their anger with any situation or influence that they under, but like it or not, it’s still you, even if you don’t remember what happened, or not acting as your normal self.



Okay I been re watching my Chobits collection, I also have the Dears collection also.

Okay I been re watching my Chobits collection and I won’t spoil anything​. I like how they have these computers that they call persocoms that look like humans and can do everyday tasks that they are program to do, but Chobits sure post to feel feelings like humans do besides being programs with feelings as a custom-made persocom has.

I also like the comedy stuff they have, like joking with porn sites, virginity, getting flustered over girls and persocoms, and spacing out. The series stuff is good too, that is relationships with a person and a persocom instead of a person being in a relationship with an other person and what the difference is with a person and a persocom like with memories, feelings, with replacing a persocom like it is with replacing a person and how you can’t replace the memories you have with a persocom and that can be the same as a person you have memories with that you love or in love with.

You just can’t replace those things you have with them and like with any living thing in your life, and maybe with personal items to that you own.

I might watch Dears since that more of dealing with aliens and jokes with sex slaves stuff but kind of the same topics on the issues. I don’t know yet but I might blog about it if I do.

Okay this isn’t about drama or heart break but just about a girlfriend/boyfriend issue

Okay first of all I learn about love to young. It’s true about the first one being the hardest to get over if it’s your fault, their fault, or if it’s neutral, and that is true for the first love is the hardest to get over no matter when it happens in your life. Okay since I was young learning about love, I had a few childhood girl friends, but the first one I felt heart-break over the most, but the last childhood girl friend that I had in 3rd grade stun the most of her best friend with her that hurt me in a sit up, but like I say this isn’t about drama or heart-break, just the issue of the girlfriend/boyfriend.

Also I forgive them for it even if they don’t really remember about it, because I found peace with myself first before taking to them. Also awhile on the topic I also had an other childhood girl friend but more of a friend then as a girl friend or girlfriend. It was someone I grew up with that match up with VBadwolf but I saw her on MySpace first and ask for the friend request before she ask a request to add her on Facebook about few years after MySpace and then I told her that she might be that friend I knew that wasn’t, and she was getting upset with me about it, and I also can’t blame her for that. I was acting weird about it and I sometimes don’t come off as a normal guy and come off as a creep, “lol” sometimes.

She also say she from London and the girl I grew up with as a friend but not living together​ was living in Maple City, Michigan my home town more like my birth town being born at home, but she end up moving with her grandmother from getting in trouble a lot, also her parents was abusive for what I heard to her when she was young when I wasn’t over. Her grandmother was from London from what my grandma say when I was asking about a girl I knew when I was real young, since I don’t remember that girl much.

I also had something that use to bug me about her and it could have been because she had to move, and I could have been blaming myself because of that and of kids blaming themselves that isn’t their fault.

But anyways after having her as a Facebook friend as long as I did, did help me get over that feeling I had even if she wasn’t that person I thought she was or she just don’t remember and she don’t know the whole story of her being young, but either way theirs no point of getting into all that, also if it really isn’t the person I think it is. That will just end up bad for me and make me look like a crazy person.

Okay to the next topic of the girlfriend/boyfriend I took a break on girls in middle school and highschool that wasn’t the best time to do that but I was never into guys.

Okay but anyways I should or least tried to get a girlfriend in highschool but it could have been because I wasn’t over my first love yet, but anyways, I’m over my past, past problems, past girlfriends, past heart-break and not heart-broken now.

The problem now not having a car, money to go out, and time to be social and I’m not really liking dating sites, they don’t seem to be helping. This doesn’t mean I giving up on finding someone or hope on it. You just can’t rush these things, because it will happen when it happens or if it’s met to happen. That’s​ my girlfriend issue.

Ancestry is great to know your Family History.

Okay I was on Ancestry and during research on my family history but more with my last name Harrison. I came along with Major General Thomas Harrison and Google him and found him on a Wikipedia page Thomas Harrison (soldier). I learn a lot about him and found out there is a book on him maybe a few, but I only read this oneMajor-GeneralThomasHarrisonMillenarianism,FifthMonarchism on him.

I learn he was in the English Civil War and sign King Charles I Death Warrant also he was executed in 1660 of being one the King’s​ Killer’s but he was the first one to be executed and was set as an example of, so he gotten the worst of it, also he was my 11th great-grandfather. He was also in the New Model Army that was between 1645-1660 but of the New Model Army, I don’t remember when he joined in the New Model Army.New_Model_Army_-_Soldier's_catechism

He was also wealthy, he also had an education in Oxford something college, “I can’t remember the whole name but it’s in the book I read.” It also say that he say he was talking with God and he fear the Load on what the Load wanted from him, from being the work of God’s Hand during Major General Thomas Harrison War.

So my 11th great-grandfather was famous in history for his efforts on his believes that people seen him as a ractedcal. I think of him as a great person for going on what he thought was right even if it was his life on the line, because of his believes.

Initial D live action movie

Okay I been during research on Initial D live action movie and seen it been shown in New York but not too much here in the states, it also came on Blue Ray, but not on DVD I guess. I seen theirs might be an other live action movie, but it look like it never took off, because I seen movie blog’s on people saying good and bad things about it, like the characters are miss up and it doesn’t follow the manga of Initial D, but their was people saying it was good.

I seen most of the anime besides Battle 2 and Extra Stage 2. It was a good series, I didn’t like the mama boy near the end of it, but maybe they planning on during something with him in a new series of Initial D, like a new generation thing and have the older main characters of being on the race track instead of street racing and show the younger new characters that’s getting in street races that’s going overseas with being on their home track and vise versa with oversea characters or something like that.

Just something I think it will be cool if the series goes on or stops for a bet then comes back again. Also if we decide during something with it, if we don’t screw the storyline up and change things from the manga and the anime of Initial D, and have the people who wrote the Fast and the Furious direct it and maybe of Death Race.

I think it won’t be that bad, if they have actors who not highly popular. Who want to change their characters that isn’t like the characters from the manga and the anime.

Also if they don’t try to modernize it to modern times, that’s always a mistake, I think in some movies. Just keep as it is, but have it in modern times. Don’t change too much of something, but maybe add more to something like a back story, those are always good, or maybe as it as a spend off to the original, that also isn’t all that bad either.



Okay Back Problems

Okay I been having back problems. It can be out a place or from an old back injury that I don’t recall happening when I was in the first grade with 3 or 4 other kids, but I do know about it because my grandma ask me about it 8 years ago if I remember it when my back was bugging me a little at that time. Of course I was surprised about it but not shock about it and I say “what I don’t recall that happening” and she say their was 4 10th graders that was stretching 4 1st grader kids backs out and they was grabbing our legs and arms and stretching them out the long way. She said one girl had to had help for years because of it.

Okay back to my back problem without the sob story behind it, but that can be part of it. I’m also seeing a chiropractor on Wednesday on the 12th of next week to see what the problem is, but usually at this time of night my back isn’t bugging me now but after an 8 hour sleep then it’s get stiff, also when I set up right my lower back get stiff and it feels like it getting pence, so my last blog about back stretching wasn’t really helping me, but that just me.

I also never really seen a chiropractor before but had my back cracked by my family Doctor in Highschool that was about over 18 years ago, maybe, or not longer. I also never really had good back posture when setting on the bus, chair, or on a sofa.

My back always bug me when their was nothing be hind it or if the back of what I was setting on, wasn’t high enough to back of my head.

Also when I stared to work my back was getting stronger, so it wasn’t bugging me as much, but that I’m 32 now, I much be breaking down now with my bone mass and my muscle mass.

I guess it from getting older, but I to feel 50 sometimes, so I really don’t want to see how I feel when I 50. So yeah it can be any of these reasons.