Theirs a thing that gets to me on Initial D. To much of one character use.

Okay on the Project D of initial D is all about one of the main character, not too much about the other team character. It’s like it’s all about the main star character, not a less this the way they want you to feel about them getting straight victories all the time a till they lose a race, so you can really feel the impact of the drama of it when it really heats up in a big battle, and if so that’s really smart to do.

Then the next step of that will be to show how they come back from that and act more like a team and more talking to each other with advises they have to share but lets not worry on that, at this point in my blog.Initial D 27I also Knowles the main character is starting to have his old look that he had before his first lost, but a little different this time around, since he has more experience now and starting to act like the other racers that he had a race in the past.

Okay this the other main characterInitial D 28I was talking about, that they don’t show much and his face shows that, so maybe that’s how they plan Initial D: Project D to be focus on at the start of it. So in that case I’m liking where they heading to, since Stage 2 was more about love lost and knowing defeat and coming back from defeat.

So I really looking forward where this leading at, at the start of it. It looks like they sticking to team work of pro racing and not so much of street races. So it’s going into a different feel of the story.

“This can be good sometimes for changing things up in shows of just sticking to the same thing all the time, also if it’s a long running series.”

Just my thoughts again on Initial D.


11 thoughts on “Theirs a thing that gets to me on Initial D. To much of one character use.”

    1. Okay I’m calling it good tonight on Stage 4. I’m on episode 10 but I might do some research on Stage 5, since that isn’t on Hulu.
      But yeah, they getting more into Ryouske now, so that’s cool, and a chick that is liking him from Stage 2, from the Eight-Six car driver friend, who fell in love with her.
      “Sorry I’m not good with names.”
      So yeah it’s starting to be a different feel then I thought it will be, and that’s good sometimes for me.
      I don’t like exepting things.
      I also can’t wait to see what the ‘D’ is for in Project D, is. And like I say, “No spoiling it for me.”lol

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    2. Okay I did some research on Wikipedia and I thinking Stage 5 isn’t on Hulu since is newer and also they don’t have Stage 3 on Hulu either. Same with Extra Stage 2 and The Final Stage.
      I also Knowles 3 New Initial D movies from 2014-2016 is shown on Wikipedia.
      So if you have any information please share if you don’t mind, I also don’t take credit that isn’t my. If you haven’t Knowles yet.

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      1. Yeah their wasn’t to much to tell of the younger character besides learning to drive in mid elementary school and he’s about the same as the main character. Also he not good with the stress of the pressure he was feeling for the first time. He wanted his mommy but maybe because he just a kid and he really didn’t see his dad that much. Like the main character with his mom not being around.


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