Okay, it looks like Initial D: Stage 4 is in HD or just wide screen.

Also a new character in Stage 4 of Initial D, but of course you will need new characters to make it interesting, right? So I betting their will be new characters and characters leaving old teams to become a new team, or in an other team on Stage 4, from me not seeing it yet.

Initial D 23

I also like how they have two rivals on the same team, Initial D 25 that can be good sometimes when practice comes around to get better to have a rival to race against with.

I also like during with my reviews, is not going to far ahead of myself, so I don’t use spoilers for people like me who haven’t seen these episodes yet. I like writing awhile things are fresh in my head.

Okay back to the anime and the animation, also Arria Cross told me of what he think of the animation, that it gets better every stage and the 5th stage, it goes down a bet, because it’s from a different studio, but he say it still good even of that.

Okay maybe not the exact words he use, but that what he replied on one of my blog’s. I also Knowles the computer animation get smoother in stage 4 instead of being little jumpy like of the start of Stage 2, but the Extra Stage was good since it was more of a movie like.

It also look like on the Extra Stage and Stage 4 that they might have went back to drawing a bet with computer animation and also Stage 2 is when computers was just starting to be use in animation, so that can be over look during that time era.

Okay this is it for this blog, since it’s on the animation of it and not so much of the story of it.



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