Okay I just started on Initial D: Stage 2 and I Knowles an animation difference right off the bat.

Okay right off the bat, I Knowles an animation difference, the first season was more hand drawn, and the 2nd season look more computer animation to it, so I’m thinking they had more of a budge with this one.

Maybe from making money off the first season or a less they had a movie made after the first season that was before the second season started, because I did some research on season 3 and why Hulu didn’t have season 3, and I found out it was an OVA series of 2 episodes of it, and then to the 4th season that I’m not even on yet, on Hulu, but their also sure post to be a season 5 and that one might be the one that just came out few years ago, from what I seen on my little research on it to find my answer for season 3 from not being on Hulu.

Also season 5 isn’t on Hulu either, so that why I’m thinking it haven’t come out in the states yet and maybe with the OVA series with season 2 from being a short series or it was 2 movies or two parts to a movie, “just my thoughts so far.”


4 thoughts on “Okay I just started on Initial D: Stage 2 and I Knowles an animation difference right off the bat.”

  1. The animation keeps getting better each stage. Stage 4 is awesome. But then the quality decreases a bit after 5 and the final stage, perhaps because it was made by a different studio. Still good, though.


    1. I just got done of episode 13 on statge 2. So tomorrow I will start on the Extra Stage but I don’t know when I will start on it tomorrow because I have other things I need do besides watching anime all day, but not like I won’t if gotten pay for it, but it just on my free time, and at this time, at my job, is in the middle of the school kids Spring Break.
      I also like helping people out who needs help with stuff.
      So yeah their will be more blogs of my on Initial D.
      I just don’t know how many I will do but stage 2 is all what I was expecting from it.

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