Okay I always like this saying “You can never know a win, a till you have a defeat.”

I always like that saying in anime and of Dragon Ball also because that’s the first anime that I seen that saying use in an anime. It also true of someone one winning all the time, they will never know the meaning of winning because it just comes to them, so they don’t know the true feeling of defeat a till it happens and when they do lose control of themselves of the feeling of loosing and they feel like giving up.

The thing is in Initial D the main character doesn’t feel like winning is every thing, so maybe when he looses, it won’t hit him as hard.

Okay also on season 2 and I’m on episode 5 awhile I’m blogging, and of the main character learning somethings about his girlfriend, that someone been leaving notes in his locker to let him know of his girlfriend, so that makes things harder for him, with his girlfriend problems, and with his races and knowing that he can be defeated at anytime, with a team, with newer cars and better cars than his car, without an upgrade.Initial D 20

Okay of me personally and I’m not a racer but I am stupid brave and always will be with quick reflects. So I always like how I can relate to a character from an anime, and how I can relate to the main character on this anime, of always being calm most of the time, but in episode 5, of him seeing his girlfriend with an older guy, gets to him.

“Okay me personally I learn about love to young and been putting my problems on other people, so of course it was my fault I lost my first girl that I like, and her stop wanted to be friends with me, for me, being that type of person, at that time.”

Also that all in the past, but I wanted to say I felt love before, so I know when they using the love feeling that it’s being use right in a show, or being acted right.

“These types of feelings just can’t be acted out or drawn, if you never felt the feelings before or experience them.”

“You just have to feel those feelings before or get yourself in that type of spot, where you feel the feeling you looking for.”

“It just doesn’t come to you like that.”

Okay this next face expressionInitial D 22is something I was waiting for from this character from something he didn’t expect, and I want to finish this blog before I see who wins.

But I’m thinking this where he gets his first lost and he needs to learn from his lost and how he can get better and if the car gets an upgrade and how will it handle for him and how will he adapt to the upgrade to the car?


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