The Racing Drama of Initial D is freaking amazing and the details of the anime is amazing to.

Okay this anime gets better by the minute, but of course the side story I’m not so much into a till it gets to the racing part of it, but all anime needs a story line to make it good, and I like story lines of animes but a few of animes is where I just want to see the action in them. This one is one of them, where I just want to see the action of it and not so much of the character personal life or problems but that what also makes an anime good is getting to know the characters back stories of the anime.

I’m usually not good remembering names, so you going to see a lot of anime posts without names, “sorry about that.” I’m just one of those people that’s not good with names, so I usually call people by saying “hay” to them most of the time.

In episodes 18 and 19 it really shows the main character skills of adapting quickly and also on a road that he never drove on that is completely new to him and he is keeping up on the two girls in the car he’s racing.

This anime really gets your heart rate going and gets you wondering on what’s going to happen when a cut scene gets cut in the middle of an existing scene for a moment and back to the scene again after a half a minute.

I’m really trying my best of not spoiling anything in this anime even know is an old anime and you can maybe find an a whole a lot of spoilers on the web of it.


4 thoughts on “The Racing Drama of Initial D is freaking amazing and the details of the anime is amazing to.”

  1. Oh my gosh. Exactly. I’ve been following this series for more than a decade. I’m so sad that it ended but I’m also happy that I witnessed it end. One of my favourite anime. All tje music and soundtrack are awesome. The battles are heart-pumpingly exciting. I love this series! I rewatch it now and then. The live-action Hong Kong film adaptation is not bad, but the anime is still more awesome, of course. It’s very rare for me to find posts about Initial D here, so it’s always exciting to read about Initial D. High-five!


    1. Hay thanks, I’m starting on season 2 today, and yeah I’m surprise that I didn’t watch that anime in High School because I would of bought the DVD box sets of it.
      Since they didn’t do online streaming when I was in High School and I was done with High School in 2003 so I was just starting High School when it was coming out, but I was in Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon after I seen the new episodes of DBZ since I wasn’t really in Pokemon, and I also was in Trigun, and Cowboy Beebop.

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      1. Well, Initial D isn’t mainstream. It’s only popular to a very niche part of the fandom. But even if it only appeals to a very niche group, it still is very popular to that group. There’s also 2 anime film retellings of the series with different cast of voice actors. It’s good, as well. But of course, I still prefer the original anime.


      2. Okay I just met streaming as being on the internet like YouTube or like Hulu or Netflix. Since everyone watch things online instead of buying DVD’s or Blue Rays. I can’t blame people is awhole lot cheaper that way.
        I guess I need to know what steaming really is, because I know theirs live streaming and streaming of something that’s been on air and put on the internet sometime afterwards.


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