Okay I been watching more of Initial D on Hulu since I’m been using an 2 weeks free trail of getting back into Hulu.

The racing challenges been getting interesting in Initial D since I been watching it. I’m on episode 14 of it and they have a racing rule call a “Gun Tape Tie challenge” where the racer has his main hand tape on the steeling wheel.Initial D 08These race rules of the”Gun Tape Tie challenges” is sure post be very risky business.

Episode 14 been making my heart race. The other racer is playing dirty and the main character is finally getting a rush from racing someone who is a challenge to him, but the main character is a natural at racing, so he adapts to things quickly that take people years to master.Initial D 10Initial D 11

So yeah this anime is a very amazing racing anime and the drama into it is very good also with the characters.Initial D 12



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