My thoghts on Initial D, but don’t get me wrong. It’s a good anime. This isn’t a bad review thing, just what I think of it.

Okay I not into cars, so this maybe why my opinion isn’t a good one of it, but I did like the first 5 episodes of it, because of the main character of not knowing anything about cars, but is a great driver and at drifting,Initial D 02 and yes drifting was popular in Japan, so that we’re drifting maybe got started from?

I also played the arcade game of Initial D in Packet Change, that isn’t in the Grand Travese Mall anymore, that is a mall in ‘Traverse City, MI.’

Packet Change has been out of the mall for over 10 years now but that when I knew about Initial D, but not so much of the anime an till this summer, from a room-mate who gave me volume one of Initial D and the rest I watch on Hulu up to episode 8, but I just can’t get into it. But anyways the arcade racing game of it kick ass because you get a card with your save information on it that you pay a $1 for it and an other $1 when you race a race course, but I don’t know if you get a free game of it, if you get 1st place, like other racing games.Initial D 03

Anyways Initial D has a lot going on for it and it looks like it has about 4 or 6 seasons of it, in the 90’s, so it had to been a popular anime, also with drift racing into it, and I betting that when drift racing was getting popular with street racing in Japan, but that just a guest on my behave. So I think is a good anime, but I just can’t get into the racing aspect of it, with the cars. Since I’m not into cars and car races myself.Initial D 01


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