A retry on my relationship blog

Okay my last blog didn’t save after spending an hour in a half on. Like relationships right, of trying to be in one, to have one work, staying in one, learning about them. That can be a pain sometimes.

I can see why people don’t want them, to comment to something, but I do want a relationship, because I think, I know about relationships, but never been in one, so I really don’t know about relationships.

We all know where this getting to of two things that are the same but different. I got into a lot of details in my last unsaved blog, that I don’t want to get into about that on this blog. “Like relationships right?” Sorry for these punch line jokes, of my last blog that didn’t save, but relationships takes a lot of work and lot of time also, like with work you put into something that you like during or love during. These things can be a love and hate relationship.

Same with people you trying to get with, or to get their attention. It all depends on the person, and how they are, what they like, on their type, or the type they are, on who they like with their sexuality, or on your sexuality on what you like of someone.

Same with relationships you been in for a long time. Things changes that grow a part or grow stronger, the people in the relationship changes from good to bad. Sometimes you need to take a break from each other or just stop being together because the thing that drawn you together isn’t there anymore.

This is why relationships are hard with these factors that play in relationships. There are old relationships from the past that you want to give an other shot with. Because of people you knew from the past are different on how you knew them as or you are different from what they knew you as. “RELATIONSHIPS, RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT?”


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