Nursing Homes and how they can be good.

Okay my grandma went to an Nursing Home yesterday, at first they had her at Birchwood but they have her at Tendercare today when they call me to ask a few questions, and both nursing homes are on the same road in Traverse City. I think a nursing home will be best for my grandma because of me and my dad are both working, and my sister with a her family with her condition she has, that keep her for helping my grandma and she need to work also.

Also my grandma weights about 275lbs that is to heavy for 1 or 2 people, and that is one of the reason will be better for her, with people around the clock, that can help her, when she needs it. I also think my Aunt is at Tendercare also, so she will have a family member to talk to, that will help her with seeing a family member, like when they eat together,main-panel2 and I think both of them, have kind of the same problems with their conditions they have.

I am kind of missing her today from talking to her, or her calling me for something she wants. I have a lot of patents, so I thinking that why, I was able to help her as much as I could, without getting her mad. She also help me out a lot during my rough childhood, but mostly my Great Grandpa, that I gotten most of my influence from, but with my grandma, the patents she try to have with me and my sister, from helping raising us, because we wasn’t the best kids in the world, but we also won’t turn out like we did, without our grandma help rasing us.

Nursing Homes are always a tough choice, and no one, really don’t want to go to one, because they worry that their family won’t see them, and they pushing them off in a nursing home, but that’s not always the reason for a nursing home, is to get that help you can’t give your parents or grandparents.


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