Don’t you hate damage screens.

Don’t you just hate when you damage a screen on a computer, TV, or Video Game Handheld with these new screens, that they have now for over 10 years now.

I shut my laptop on my mouse without looking, so I can’t use my laptop from not seeing the screen. I glad tablets don’t have the same screens because I had drop my tablet a few times and the screen is cracked but useable still.

I have a warranty so that’s good, I guess, but I hope it covers damage screens. So yeah I’m really not happy about it.


Funny moments in Initial D, that I kind of like.

Okay like my main picture and lot of animes do this where friends spy on their friend with a date that their friend is on and one doesn’t like it because they are lonely or if the person they like is the person they spying on, but in this case is because the friend doesn’t like it, because the friend doesn’t have a girlfriend for himself.

I also like when the main character finds out the car that beats him in a random challenge was his farther, that I kind of figure, because of his farther and his farther try to challenge him to get him better with his skills as a driver and of his farther of being a street racer at one time, so that why racing is just so natural to him because of his farther, “just one of those straits that people pick up from family sometimes, but not passed down.”

So yeah, that was funny, when he found out, when his farther beat him.

Okay back to the dating thing and with a girl you like but it’s one sided with your feelings that you have with a girl you feel you in love with, Initial D 30but she likes you as a friend. We all been there and I have a few times, it sucks, but you don’t get hurt by the girl, just from yourself from setting yourself up for heart break, and it happens to the best of us, for being nice guys, but like people say, “nice guys finish last,” but you wonder when that will be or you blew your change a long time ago.

I wonder that myself a few times in my life with finding peace with myself with conpress memories before talking to the people I need to find answers from, because sometimes you won’t get the answer you looking for or no answer, so you need to be ready for that with yourself before talking to the person or persons that you need those answers from and find peace within yourself first.

That what I learn in my life, is always best to be in peace with yourself first before you find peace with a person you need to find peace with, it make things a lot easier on you, “trust me on that.”

Theirs a thing that gets to me on Initial D. To much of one character use.

Okay on the Project D of initial D is all about one of the main character, not too much about the other team character. It’s like it’s all about the main star character, not a less this the way they want you to feel about them getting straight victories all the time a till they lose a race, so you can really feel the impact of the drama of it when it really heats up in a big battle, and if so that’s really smart to do.

Then the next step of that will be to show how they come back from that and act more like a team and more talking to each other with advises they have to share but lets not worry on that, at this point in my blog.Initial D 27I also Knowles the main character is starting to have his old look that he had before his first lost, but a little different this time around, since he has more experience now and starting to act like the other racers that he had a race in the past.

Okay this the other main characterInitial D 28I was talking about, that they don’t show much and his face shows that, so maybe that’s how they plan Initial D: Project D to be focus on at the start of it. So in that case I’m liking where they heading to, since Stage 2 was more about love lost and knowing defeat and coming back from defeat.

So I really looking forward where this leading at, at the start of it. It looks like they sticking to team work of pro racing and not so much of street races. So it’s going into a different feel of the story.

“This can be good sometimes for changing things up in shows of just sticking to the same thing all the time, also if it’s a long running series.”

Just my thoughts again on Initial D.

Okay, it looks like Initial D: Stage 4 is in HD or just wide screen.

Also a new character in Stage 4 of Initial D, but of course you will need new characters to make it interesting, right? So I betting their will be new characters and characters leaving old teams to become a new team, or in an other team on Stage 4, from me not seeing it yet.

Initial D 23

I also like how they have two rivals on the same team, Initial D 25 that can be good sometimes when practice comes around to get better to have a rival to race against with.

I also like during with my reviews, is not going to far ahead of myself, so I don’t use spoilers for people like me who haven’t seen these episodes yet. I like writing awhile things are fresh in my head.

Okay back to the anime and the animation, also Arria Cross told me of what he think of the animation, that it gets better every stage and the 5th stage, it goes down a bet, because it’s from a different studio, but he say it still good even of that.

Okay maybe not the exact words he use, but that what he replied on one of my blog’s. I also Knowles the computer animation get smoother in stage 4 instead of being little jumpy like of the start of Stage 2, but the Extra Stage was good since it was more of a movie like.

It also look like on the Extra Stage and Stage 4 that they might have went back to drawing a bet with computer animation and also Stage 2 is when computers was just starting to be use in animation, so that can be over look during that time era.

Okay this is it for this blog, since it’s on the animation of it and not so much of the story of it.


Okay I always like this saying “You can never know a win, a till you have a defeat.”

I always like that saying in anime and of Dragon Ball also because that’s the first anime that I seen that saying use in an anime. It also true of someone one winning all the time, they will never know the meaning of winning because it just comes to them, so they don’t know the true feeling of defeat a till it happens and when they do lose control of themselves of the feeling of loosing and they feel like giving up.

The thing is in Initial D the main character doesn’t feel like winning is every thing, so maybe when he looses, it won’t hit him as hard.

Okay also on season 2 and I’m on episode 5 awhile I’m blogging, and of the main character learning somethings about his girlfriend, that someone been leaving notes in his locker to let him know of his girlfriend, so that makes things harder for him, with his girlfriend problems, and with his races and knowing that he can be defeated at anytime, with a team, with newer cars and better cars than his car, without an upgrade.Initial D 20

Okay of me personally and I’m not a racer but I am stupid brave and always will be with quick reflects. So I always like how I can relate to a character from an anime, and how I can relate to the main character on this anime, of always being calm most of the time, but in episode 5, of him seeing his girlfriend with an older guy, gets to him.

“Okay me personally I learn about love to young and been putting my problems on other people, so of course it was my fault I lost my first girl that I like, and her stop wanted to be friends with me, for me, being that type of person, at that time.”

Also that all in the past, but I wanted to say I felt love before, so I know when they using the love feeling that it’s being use right in a show, or being acted right.

“These types of feelings just can’t be acted out or drawn, if you never felt the feelings before or experience them.”

“You just have to feel those feelings before or get yourself in that type of spot, where you feel the feeling you looking for.”

“It just doesn’t come to you like that.”

Okay this next face expressionInitial D 22is something I was waiting for from this character from something he didn’t expect, and I want to finish this blog before I see who wins.

But I’m thinking this where he gets his first lost and he needs to learn from his lost and how he can get better and if the car gets an upgrade and how will it handle for him and how will he adapt to the upgrade to the car?

Okay I just started on Initial D: Stage 2 and I Knowles an animation difference right off the bat.

Okay right off the bat, I Knowles an animation difference, the first season was more hand drawn, and the 2nd season look more computer animation to it, so I’m thinking they had more of a budge with this one.

Maybe from making money off the first season or a less they had a movie made after the first season that was before the second season started, because I did some research on season 3 and why Hulu didn’t have season 3, and I found out it was an OVA series of 2 episodes of it, and then to the 4th season that I’m not even on yet, on Hulu, but their also sure post to be a season 5 and that one might be the one that just came out few years ago, from what I seen on my little research on it to find my answer for season 3 from not being on Hulu.

Also season 5 isn’t on Hulu either, so that why I’m thinking it haven’t come out in the states yet and maybe with the OVA series with season 2 from being a short series or it was 2 movies or two parts to a movie, “just my thoughts so far.”

Okay I’d Knowlest an English voice actor but I don’t know the name of the voice actor in Initial D.

Okay I Knowlest maybe about 2 or 3 characters with the same voice actor. I also know it from the first anime I’d heard the voice from, and it was Fullmetal Alchemist, and an other one was Raider Nights of 1941, and also Get Backers is the last one I can think of that I’d watched.

I might be wrong, but I might do some research on that sometime but I can know my voices sometimes.

Okay, while I’m on the topic of the character in the first picture, is good of racing in the rain but the main character shows again, that he makes it looks easy as usual. He’s just a natual at it.