Okay Gohan is poison in Dragon Ball Super episode 80

Okay Gohan gets poison and blind, so he has to relay on his other 4 senses, to keep fighting. I like this myself, because this is a realistic fighting style, but it takes time and training to master it. Even for people who do become blind, to learn to enhance the other 4 senses, but it’s possible to do.

Just not as fast as Gohan did, or less he had training, of mastering, of enhancing those senses, or less is a Saiyan’s thing or pass down from his farther, from learning that from Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball?

It does get interesting, when they kick it up a bet, of Gohan enemy takes fright in the air, so he can’t hear him, so he has to go Super Saiyan, to use an other sense, that Super Saiyan’s, can only do.


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