Who like reading about Western and the Chinese Zodiac?

What I like about these books, you don’t need to read the whole book of them, just parts you want to read. I have read other one’s in libraries, and one’s that base on the Zodiac, that I am, that is a Gemini.1487961161094133468744 I bought these one’s, but didn’t had them in my main photo, since they from 2014. I’m also the Year of the Rat, a Wood Rat. That’s in the Chinese Horoscopes one.

The Birthdays ones are cool, they tell you more about the day of your birthday, and of the stars, or if you have a fix star, and more about your fix star.

The first two books is about your birth chart and little on how to make yours. The Moon Phase one is interesting. I haven’t read it in a while, so I don’t remember too much on it, but it tells you on the moon luna eclipses and other things about the moon.


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