Samurai Jack is back, back on Cartoon Network.

Okay 50 years has gone past and Jack haven’t age a day. What’s going on with that? Also is Jack getting to the point of being overwhelmed by Aku? Of Aku always screwing him over, when he get close of defeating him and is Jack at the point of giving up, because they show a past sprite of Jack giving the run down on Jack of being tire of going on, or that’s, my guess.

I really want to see what they have planned for this older un-age Jack.

Also in episode 6 of the older show of Samurai Jack, I like how Aku transform him self in a woman to trick Jack,

“The old crying game,” also very cruel game to play but Aku is evil and will do anything to defeat Jack, even if it comes down of beating him down, where he just want to give up and die.


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