Dish Washing it’s not bad if you like it…,

Okay most of us who work in food service jobs have a Dish Washing job, that it’s not bad, if you like it, or want it for a short-term job of your life. I’d been working as a dish washer for over 16 years now at few different jobs with a High School education, that isn’t bad since I didn’t like the school that I went to, but I was expecting that I would have been during something else by now, with few other things in my life, but that’s life.

Also most of these dish washing jobs start out with minimum wage and you usually the dish bitch at most of these jobs and people expect the dish washer to be done when they are. When the dishwasher is always the last one to be done.

There isn’t really a lot to say about dish washing jobs or less you are complaining about them.



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